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Beginning his full-time trading career in 1997, Bo is a professional trader, author, and consultant to the financial industry on matters of market analysis, and edge optimization.Bo has been a featured speaker internationally for decades and in addition to his two books for McGraw-Hill, Mastering Futures Trading, and Optimize Your Trading Edge (translated into German and Japanese), Bo has written articles published in top publications such as, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Trader’s, Active Trader Magazine and Forbes to name a few.Bo currently spends his time with his wife and two children in the great state of South Carolina where he trades, continues his research into neurobiology, artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, and is actively developing CHILLAXIDOL and The Myalolipsis Technique to reduce human suffering and produce peak performance in high performance people.He has an MBA from The Boston University School of Management.

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Payout/Payback Cycle Analysis

For every style of trading, there will be a "perfect" market environment.When the market is aligned to the strategy that you are trading, every trade will work itself out smoothly, losses will be far and few between, and you will feel on top of the world as you watch your profits accumulate!However, sooner or later the market environment will shift, if ever so slightly, and losses will once again begin to appear.....This constant cycle from "zero" to "hero" and back to "zero" is why so many traders struggle and fail.Understanding how to "beat" the Payout/Payback cycle is critical to long term consistency and success as a trader.Once you can objectively measure and forecast when your strategies are likely to payout, you are in the drivers seat and can increase risk, activity and aggressiveness to make the maximum amount of profits while your strategy is "hot".Then, even more importantly, when the cycles shift (as they ALWAYS do), you will be able to back away from the markets and avoid giving your hard-earned profits back to the market during the payback cycle.The training video below will help you understand why this is SO important!

The Robots Are Coming...The Robots Are Coming!Are you properly prepared
to compete & WIN in an A.I. dominated world?

She looked up at me.Tears in her eyes…“I’ve been with you for ten years…**What did I do?”“Nothing!” I said (not being able to meet her eyes)…“It’s just that AI can do your job now.”This is the brutal choice business owners will face in the near future.Unless...They take the time now to truly understand how AI systems are a productivity enhancer.And something that makes humans better…AI is currently NOT a human replacement.So…Instead of feeling backed into a corner.Facing an impossible choice…“Do I let go a bunch of the people I care so much about?These folks have worked so hard for me for so long…After all....I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for them!But on the other hand…I’m not running a charity here.How can I keep them on if they are no longer needed?”What if instead of dealing with this impossible choice…You integrated AI into your workflow.And trained all your team members how to…LEVERAGE their intimate knowledge about their roles in your business.By developing customized and unique prompts and processes…So that...Many of the repetitive “daily grind” tasks can be partially or completely outsourced to an AI system.This has 2 big leverage points...1) Freeing up the folks you have invested so much time and energy into…So that they can focus their time on the tasks that they are uniquely gifted at.With each trusted and competent team member now able to multiply their output substantially…big things can happen.And then "poof" like magic…2) Your company suddenly has the bandwidth to grow…Without…New hires…Training…Learning curves…Company culture mismatches and conflict.And best of all…You can go to your team and say…“What would your job be like if I gave you access to an unlimited pool of interns?What time wasting grunt work could you offload to them…So that you could focus on the things you are best at?That’s what our companies future looks like…We are embracing AI and I’m here to tell you that your jobs aren’t going away!In fact…They will get easier and a lot more fun as you will be able to focus more time on the things you love about your job."So.As a business owner.Wouldn’t you rather…1) Rapidly grow your business.2) Increase your capacity with your existing workforce.And…3) Be a hero to your team in uncertain times.(Instead of being the bearer of bad news).As you stand up there awkwardly...Telling them they are no longer needed…And…Sending them off into the unknown after years of great work into a turbulent economy?That feels terrible.So it’s time to learn and explore…You will soon discover…AI is a good thing.AI is a powerful thing.For increasing human productivity and protecting your team.If…It’s used correctly.And the best news is…That you and your team members already have 90% of the skills and knowledge they need to make AI systems work tirelessly for them!So…If this resonates with you.And you want to explore how you could leverage and integrate AI into your existing business workflows…Reach out and let’s have a conversation about your needs…And how we can get your people trained to use AI to their best advantage.Because…We are at a time like when the personal computer was introduced.Those who embraced the new technology thrived and grew.Those who operated in fear were subsumed.Let me help your business thrive...not just survive as AI changes everything about the business environment.Contact me below and let's have a conversation soon!

AIPS Prompting Techniques For Maximum Productivity With Artificial Intelligence Systems

All of us have spent our lives building a set of language and social skills.With the recent revolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the words we use every day can now be used to tell an artificial intelligence what to do.No strange or complicated programming languages are needed...Just a correctly structured and super clear set of instructions and your AI "Assistant will go to work tirelessly for you.The "AIPS Prompt" series walks you step by step through the "prompt engineering" process, with examples, case studies and the reasons why each prompt used the language it did.By using the AIPS approach, you spend your time interacting with a personality simulation instead of a rigid machine mind.This makes the work process easy and familiar, and simplifies the work flow.When you are working with an AIPS, you don't need to learn anything new in order to interact with your AIPS assistant (or a team of AIPS assistants)!You simply use everyday words to guide them to the best outcome just as you would with a freelancer, or any other human team member."Use Your Words!" is the first book in the "AIPS Prompts" series, and will teach you everything you need to know in order to begin outsourcing your busy grunt work to an infinite variety of "AIPS" workers...

For Those With $250,000 (Or More)
In Their Trading Account...

Discover a New, Less Stressful Way to Reliably and Repeatedly Forecast Where Prices Are Likely To Go Next In the MarketsIf you are tired of the stress, uncertainty and anxiety that come with conventional trading strategies...I have good news.There is a better way.Demand Imbalance Arbitrage™ (DIA™) is an innovative analysis and forecasting methodology that lets traders accurately forecast the financial markets price movements with unparalleled consistency and confidence.Unlike typical trading techniques, DIA™ is based on identifying imbalances between current market prices and real-time forces of demand.It tracks the 8 major factors that drive changes in supply and demand to spot lucrative opportunities to arbitrage temporary price/demand mismatches.Since demand forces lead price, this demand analysis acts as a leading indicator for price, forecasting future price movements with 80%+ accuracy, enabling a steady stream of reliable, repeatable, low-risk, high-probability trading opportunities to be exploited.By forecasting demand, which is the key driver of prices, DIA™ eliminates the stress, second-guessing, and manic/depressive roller coaster of emotions often experienced with other trading methods.There is no need to gamble, speculate, take on excessive risk, or endure large drawdowns.DIA™ empowers traders with a calm, cerebral approach proven to be consistent since 2011...based objectively anticipating price action.The goal is to achieve "peaceful profits" - steadily growing your capital without chaotic emotions or rollercoaster equity swings.DIA™ simplifies trading so you can work less while generating consistent inflation-beating returns.If you're ready to trade with clarity and control, it's time to discover Demand Imbalance Arbitrage™.The video below will tell you more...Then, click on the button below the video to get our free primer and learn how this innovative methodology can transform your investing experience.See if you qualify to join the highly select number of successful traders profiting from DIA's™ unprecedented long-term performance consistency.

Managing Your Brain's Default Mode Network
Is The "One Key" To End Suffering And Give An Instant Boost
To Focus, Creativity And Performance

"Knowing Others Is Intelligence; Knowing Yourself Is True Wisdom.
Mastering Others Is Strength; Mastering Yourself Is Raw Power"

The Default Mode Network is a network of 11 systems in the brain which served humanity well when we were hunter-gatherers, but is the root of most suffering and failures in life...Because these deep survival systems in the brain get triggered constantly by circumstances in our daily lives, hijacking our thinking and behavior when it's most damaging.This new and revolutionary technique allows you to "turn down" the Default Mode Network in the brain whenever you have a few minutes....Producing a state of mind that leads to effortless discipline, better decisions and more objective inner peace and happiness.The Myalolipsis Technique allows you to quickly "turn off" the obsessive thinking and negative self talk that takes place in your inner dialog and causes second guessing, stress and anxiety.The Myalolipsis Technique also allows you derail those fight or flight moments in life and especially when trading the financial markets which activate the automatic survival mechanisms of the subconscious mind, provoking emotional and impulsive actions which lead to those awful "what was I thinking" moments.By reducing or eliminating the unforced errors and impulsive actions or habits that keep so many high performance people from being at their best...The Myalolipsis Technique is a tool that produces a quick and lasting "patch" to the the parts of the brain in charge of these self destructive and self limiting habits and behaviors...All of which rob you of success and keep you from performing at the highest levels you know darn well you are capable of...The Myalolipsis Technique produces all it's effects by stimulating changes to the blood and brain chemistry NATURALLY, without any drugs...By using the body's own processes to create non-ordinary states of consciousness.These non-ordinary states can then be harnessed to create lasting changes in neural wiring for astonishing benefits with applications anybody looking for break-through performance boosts in any high stakes arena...Such as trading, competitive sports, health and wellness, business, relationships or sales.It has also shown remarkable results for ADHD, PTSD, Addiction, and Chronic Pain.Watch the video below to learn more and have a chance to try the Myalolipsis Technique so you can feels it's incredible effects for yourself...

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